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New Born Hearing Test
What is the Newborn hearing screening?
3 of the congenital hearing loss in infants seen in our country in 1000 children. This is the most common sensory disorders in hearing loss in comparison. In infants to be screened for hearing, early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, it is possible to take advantage of opportunities at the highest level. Very early in life because they returned for the normal development of speech and language depends perceive sounds from the baby. Reducing the negative effects of hearing loss, early diagnosis of the problem, install an early hearing and hearing-speech training is important to start early.

Newborn babies hearing screening is not only babies at risk for hearing loss?
Research in infants with hearing loss shows that a significant part of any risk factors. Infants with hearing loss, 90% of parents with normal hearing babies. For these reasons, hearing screening of all newborns are recommended.

How to apply infants hearing screening, what are the tests used?
Newborn babies hearing screening technique is used in two separate tests. Otoacoustic emission test, a probe placed in the ear and the sound sent to the ear, the inner ear based on the testing method and the image recording is completed in as little as a few minutes. Newborn babies hearing screening and hear more about the test method used in the evaluation of suspected cases of hearing infants, auditory brainstem response test (BERA).

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New Born Hearing Test
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