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Frequently Asked Qestions
What is a hearing aid?
Hearing aids are the sounds coming from outside the ear can hear via a microphone by riseing the level of intensity that is the electronic instrument.

Hearing aids can be used in which situations?
Sensorineural hearing loss in the absence of the possibility of improved drug therapy or surgery hearing device.

What are the models of hearing aids?
Place the hearing aid into the ear canal, models are avaliable of different models. Fully placed in the ear canal, which is quite small, and the remaining models completely in the ear canal CIC and MIC, ITC models are placed into the canel, placed into the ear ITE or ITE P (Kanak strong domestic) it is called. Generally referred to as the models that are placed behind the ear BTE. BTE P is called the powerful ones. Also used in the recent period, and the first time introduced in the market by Oticon,if the concept is called a Duct RITE speaker. RITE model, the device transmits a sound speakers that is placed behind the ear, depending on canel ultra-thin wire is placed in a sound. It also is used behind the ear and used by people with severe hearing loss in the super-powerful BTE SP BTE hearing aids that is called.

Technologies which have hearing aids?
All hearing aids, before the sound picked up by a microphone. Processed after the violence increased and by the buyer using intramedullary directly into your ear canals hearing aid, if you are using a model behind the ear horn and hose out through the ear canal and the ear mold is sent.

Analog hearing aids, digital hearing aids convert the signal from an electrical signal to the signal from the computer technology used in the digit - number (0.1) is inverted to. Processed and translated into digital signals back to the analog computing environment as an audible signal transmitted to the listener.

What use is determined by the type of hearing aid?
Choosing the type of hearing aid use in the level of hearing loss is extremely effective. Remaining in which people with hearing loss at light canel models can use a hearing loss of a person partially advanced is theoretically possible to use in the canal hearing aid. Structures by the canal hearing aids can produce only a certain amount of power. Those who need more power, to choose the model behind the ear hearing loss has to overcome. It can not cover the image only in the terms of a preferred and a hearing loss in the ear-canals hearing aid by us can be used only as a decoration. Touches are not positive benefit to their hearing.

Why are there so many hearing aid models?
Hearing loss is just like a individual fingerprint and personal. Each individual needs and abilities together differ due to the amplification rate. 80 years old, 40 years old with an individual's time is mostly spent at home, an individual's needs and expectations is  continued of active business life that is quite different from each other. With an individual with mild hearing loss, hearing loss grade forward to hearing the same thing applies to the individual. Which is produced for such situations due to their need has emerged families hearing aid equipped with different abilities. Meet the expectations and aspirations of each series is different.

Double-sided (in both ears) hearing aids do I need to use?
Experienced cases of impaired vision in both eyes, although the use of single-glazed glasses, ear hearing loss in both of the cases where the wrong absolute two hearing aids should be used. This is the most important element in order to improve the quality of life of the person.

When i start to use the hearing aid would my ears become lazy?
It is quite common that we thought this as absolutely wrong. Used for the real-ear hearing aid while useing it can make your ears lazy and lose sensitivity.

Why is it the less the ear hears rather than the more the ear hears gets stuck?
In general, this method is preferred because of the economical problems. Although only one unit is used partially incorrect it is still beter, overall the tool is preferred by the ear unit. We recommend regardless of the circumstances of the two cases where a hearing loss in both ears, attached to a hearing aid.

The most expensive device, is it the best device?
After detailed examination of the person according to us is the best device attached to the sinstrument. Only the sound of the hearing aid is not a good person at the same time raise the quality of life.

Hearing aid T (Telecoil) what is it's special features?
The telecoil in hearing some of the assistive listening device is driven through the magnetic sound wave of units to convert the benefit of audible sound. As an example, the sound waves are sent through the coil telephone receiver picked up by the telecoil and converted into audible sound.

What patients need to do to get a hearing aid center to arrive?
The best practice is the case, like what if the patient is at home, while away from home serving team is unable to get home with the application service. To do this, the patient has been examined by an ENT physician and hearing aid must be approved.

Do you constantly have to wear the hearing aid?
Hearing Aid should be used for the entire day after the end of the adaptation process. It's very important to keep the same level as a continuous visual capabilities.

You can use the hearing aid first with pacemakers?
Traditional hearing aids can safely use the new technology, but the people who use Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, before using the Bluetooth property it would be appropriate to consult a doctor about the effects.

Glasses wearers can they wear hearing aids?
Interfere with your use of the hearing aid does not create a situation where the use of glasses. Some models are also available as an option adapters to glasses.

Should the hearing aid be removed when it is time to go to bed?
It must be removed when it is time to go to bed.

What should I consider when buying an hearing device?
Hearing the five personal factors to consider when three physical factors. Physical factors, the degree of the hearing loss, ear anatomy and ought to have use of the two devices. Personal factors, communication needs, your ability to use the device, the sound quality, the price should be a cosmetic appearance. In addition to all this, the brand and the company has to offer you the service you receive, service, technical service support, and so on. The criteria you should consider.

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